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New and Published Books

  1. European Democracies

    9th Edition

    By Markus M.L. Crepaz

    European Democracies is an introduction to the politics and governments of Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. Organized thematically rather than country-by-country, this fully revised edition examines topics such as electoral systems, the European Union, refugees and the welfare state, and asks...

    Published May 22nd 2017 by Routledge

  2. 21st Century Cooperation

    Regional Public Goods, Global Governance, and Sustainable Development

    Edited by Antoni Estevadeordal, Louis W. Goodman

    This edited volume explains the importance of regional public goods (RPGs) for sustainable development and shows why they are particularly important in the context of 21st-century international relations. By presenting a new and original data set and by presenting original essays by renowned...

    Published May 22nd 2017 by Routledge

  3. Teachers’ Unions and Education Reform in Comparative Contexts

    By Lindsay Whorton

    Series: Routledge Research in Education Policy and Politics

    Teachers’ unions have long been controversial and divisive organizations, but criticism and distrust of them may be at an all-time high. This volume considers the prevailing assumption that unions successfully block change in education because they are primarily motivated to protect members’...

    Published May 18th 2017 by Routledge

  4. Global Population Policy

    From Population Control to Reproductive Rights

    By Paige Whaley Eager

    Series: Global Health

    The general assumption throughout history has been that a growing population is beneficial for societies. By the mid-1960s, however, the United States and other developed countries became convinced that population control was an absolute necessity, especially in the developing world. This absorbing...

    Published May 16th 2017 by Routledge

  5. The Politics of Dialogue

    Living Under the Geopolitical Histories of War and Peace

    By Ranabir Samaddar

    Series: Border Regions Series

    Offering a detailed analysis of post-colonial South Asia, The Politics of Dialogue discusses the creation and impact of borders and the pervasive tension between the new nations. Neither all-out war nor complete peace, this fragile condition makes political leaders and strategists feel...

    Published May 16th 2017 by Routledge

  6. Civil Militia

    Africa's Intractable Security Menace?

    Edited by David J. Francis

    This volume critically engages with the phenomenon of civil militias in Africa, especially the nature of threats and challenges they pose to national and human security. It questions why the African political scene is increasingly inundated with the activities of civil militias, examines the...

    Published May 16th 2017 by Routledge

  7. African Youth Cultures in a Globalized World

    Challenges, Agency and Resistance

    By Paul Ugor, Lord Mawuko-Yevugah

    Series: Contemporary African Politics

    All over the world, there is growing concern about the ramifications of globalization, late-modernity and general global social and economic restructuring on the lives and futures of young people. Bringing together a wide body of research to reflect on youth responses to social change in Africa,...

    Published May 16th 2017 by Routledge

  8. Politics of the 'Other' in India and China

    Western Concepts in Non-Western Contexts

    Edited by Lion Koenig, Bidisha Chaudhuri

    Series: Routledge Contemporary Asia Series

    The social sciences have been heavily influenced by modernization theory, focusing on issues of economic growth, political development and social change, in order to develop a predictive model of linear progress for developing countries following a Western prototype. Under this hegemonic paradigm...

    Published May 16th 2017 by Routledge

  9. China and EU

    Reform and Governance

    Edited by Jing Men, Annika Linck

    Series: Routledge Studies on Asia in the World

    Reform and governance are of vital interest to both the People’s Republic of China and the European Union (EU). China is facing demographic and environmental challenges and has been experiencing a rapid economic transition. The social tensions arising from these challenges call for a governance...

    Published May 15th 2017 by Routledge

  10. Sovereignty, State Failure and Human Rights

    Petty Despots and Exemplary Villains

    By Neil A. Englehart

    Series: Routledge Studies in Human Rights

    This book argues that the effectiveness of the state apparatus is one of the crucial variables determining human rights conditions, and that state weakness and failure is responsible for much of the human rights abuses we see today. Weak states are unable to control their own agents or to police...

    Published May 15th 2017 by Routledge