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Complimentary Exam Copies

The complimentary exam copy policy applies to select titles only. Please allow up to two to four weeks for delivery. See a description of this program on the right.

  1. First, browse or search for a book.

  2. If the book is available for examination; there will be a link to request a complimentary exam copy.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before completing the form. To ensure that your request is processed quickly, please complete the required fields in the form below.

eInspections – Save Time & The Environment

Alternatively we can now offer many of our titles for inspection online. If you would like to inspect our books via this innovative, student-friendly format, simply select this option in the following form, give your full course details and, upon authorization, you will then be able to view the book from any PC with Internet access. Furthermore you will be able to annotate and highlight parts of the book and share the online edition with your colleagues.


Terms and Conditions

Selected textbooks are available as a complimentary exam copy to qualified lecturers for consideration as a course textbook. Please note that complimentary exam copies are not sent out before the month of publication and are sent out at our discretion. In some countries a prepayment (proforma) invoice may be required. To order a complimentary exam copy of a textbook, please complete the following form.