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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there other ways to order?

    You can also telephone, fax, email or post an order to us. You can pay by credit card or request a proforma invoice. Please do not send us your credit card details by email.

  2. Can I order a printed catalog?

    To request a printed catalog, use our contact form and select the category "Catalog Request", or download an electronic version.

  3. How do I know my credit card number is secure on your site?

    Access to this site is made secure by the use of a digitally signed secure certificate and SSL encryption. You can check that our certificate is valid by clicking on the Network Solutions logo, featured at the bottom of the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages.

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  5. What are your payment options?

    You may order online using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Switch, Diners Club or American Express.

  6. What is a card security code or CVV?

    CVV stands for Card Verification Value. Also known as CVV2, CVC2 and CID. CVV is required for all credit and debit card transactions and is used to verify your possession of the card.

  7. Where is the CVV code on my card?

    Visa, Mastercard, and Switch: The CVV2 code is the last three digits of the number on the signature strip of your card.

    American Express: The CVV code is on the front of the card, above the card number.

  8. Will I receive an order confirmation?

    You will be sent an email to confirm we have received your order and you will be sent an additional email when we ship your order.