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Routledge is dedicated to providing you with high-quality online products that are authoritative, user-friendly and easily integrated into any research library.

Welcome to our new dedicated eBooks and Online page, bringing you, in full Technicolor, news and views on everything digital at Routledge, from updates to our online reference resources and databases to new eBook releases and latest library trends.

We hope that the information on this page will give you a clearer picture of exactly which online products might benefit your studies, department or library. We are here to help! To speak to someone directly, just visit our contacts page. Alternatively, please feel free to browse our online catalogs, where you can get the bigger picture on all our digital offerings, or connect with us on FacebookTwitter or Tumblr.

Featured news and products from Routledge Online Resources


  1. Europa World is the online version of the renowned Europa World Year Book

    Looking to source accurate economic and political information? Europa World keeps you up-to-speed with global change, providing information on everything from demographic trends in India to food imports in Japan. Sarah Fancher, Senior Librarian at St. Louis University in the US, gives her opinion on the resource. Read the review here!

  2. Want to get the inside story on Taylor & Francis eBooks?

    We have over 40,000 eBooks in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Built Environment, STM and Law. There are eBooks from all our imprints, including Routledge, Focal Press and Psychology Press. These include many eBook titles that will of interest to professionals. To learn more, please take a look inside our new T&F eBooks for Libraries brochure, now available for download. More info here.

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Research & Reference

  1. English Historical Documents Online is here - FREE TRIALS open to institutions

    The wait is over! English Historical Documents Online, our new innovative platform for History students and researchers, is now available. Think thousands of rare primary source documents digitized and tagged for the first time. Read on for more information, and to find out how to trial the product.

  2. Help us Collate a ‘Topical eCollection’ to Suit your Needs!

    In August we launched an exciting new eBook product, the Topical ‘Mini’ eCollection. Read on to learn about how we can help you choose the best eBook package for you or your library.

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General Interest

  1. Improved functionality on Taylor & Francis eBooks: access our content more quickly!

    In response to customer feedback, we have introduced improved functionality to our eBooks platform, found at, markedly increasing the speed and ease-of-access to eBook content. Find out how this new functionality will greatly enhance your experience of Routledge eBooks. Learn more here.

  2. eFocus on China a must for Asian Studies and International Relations

    The world’s most populous country has been flexing its economic and cultural muscles for some time now and is set to become THE dominant force in global finance and politics in the next decade or so. eFocus on China is a collection of our finest eBooks on China and reflects the growing academic interest in Chinese affairs. What is the collection all about?

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  1. The results are in! Our Open Access survey receives nearly 15,000 responses

    Almost 15,000 journal authors responded to our recent Open Access survey, conducted by our lovely brothers and sisters in Taylor & Francis Journals. The survey touched on a range of important questions, including peer review, licensing, re-use and metrics. Read the full report here.

  2. Partridge Slang - Now Available

    Just launched!  The newest edition of The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English – and for the first time ever, the two volume set is also available online at

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  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online
    With over 2,700 articles on everything from Aesthetics to Phenomenology, this longstanding digital Encyclopedia is a perfect resource for researching and studying philosophy and related disciplines.
  • English Historical Documents Online English Historical Documents Online
    Compiling over 5,500 rare primary source documents, including government and cabinet proceedings, military dispatches, newspaper articles, pamphlets and more, this unique resource is ideal for anyone with an interest in British History.
  • The Europa World of Learning The Europa World of Learning
    The world’s go-to resource for authoritative information on over 30,000 institutions currently active in learning, research and higher education.
  • Europa World
    Your online source for accurate and timely political, social and economic information on all the countries and territories of the world.
  • The IISS Armed Conflict Database The IISS Armed Conflict Database
    An authoritative and constantly-updated online source of data and independent analysis on current and recent conflicts from The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).
  • Partridge Slang Online Partridge Slang Online
    The first authoritative slang dictionary available online, providing users with new ways to discover the rich world of English slang, from British English to other global varieties.
  • Routledge Performance Archive Routledge Performance Archive
    Produced in partnership with Digital Theatre, this resource provides unique access to an unprecedented range of audio-visual material from past and present practitioners of dance, theatre, comedy and other areas of performance.
  • Routledge Reference Online Routledge Reference Online
    Available in nine different subject areas, this unique reference resource brings together digitised versions of our finest Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks and Companions, with new works added regularly.
  • World Who's Who World Who's Who
    The only comprehensive and constantly-updated online Directory you will need for sourcing hard-to-find biographical information on over 60,000 eminent personalities in a huge range of fields.


Over 25,000 eBook titles in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, STM and Law from leading imprints, including Routledge, Psychology Press, Earthscan and Focal Press. You can browse and learn more about our eBooks at

Our range of publishing covers Handbooks and Companions, Major Reference Works, Monographs and supplementary texts across many specialist disciplines, each one hosting a range of electronic titles that represent the high quality of Taylor & Francis publishing.

Key Benefits for Libraries:
  • Simultaneous publication with the print version
  • MARC records provided FREE of charge for easy integration into your library’s catalogue
  • Quick search across all metadata, advanced search across all full text
  • Saved searches are an alternative way to keep up-to-date with a research topic
  • Book abstracts and table of contents listings are available free of charge through CrossRef on all titles
  • Athens Authentication compliant
  • COUNTER compliant usage statistics
  • Users can print or copy desired pages or chapters from your collection.
Purchase Options
  • Flat annual subscription fee per title
  • Outright purchase option with perpetual ownership.

These multi-disciplinary packages are hand-picked by our editorial team and offer the opportunity to subscribe to small amounts of outstanding Routledge content in various sub-disciplines. New titles are added every year.

The following collections are available:

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  • China
  • Development Studies
  • The Environment
  • Ethics
  • Gender
  • Globalization
  • Human Rights
  • The Internet
  • Islam
  • Korea
  • Medieval Studies
  • Postcolonialism
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Sexuality
  • Social and Cultural Theory
  • Urban Studies
  • Sexuality

We currently offer 20 eCollections, with more to be added in 2012. Each eCollection groups all the eBooks available in that particular subject area. So the Economics eCollection contains every single title we have published relating to Economics. Browse eCollections.

Each subject-specialised collection is updated with the latest titles as they are published. You can purchase or subscribe to these collections as a whole, or can purchase or subscribe to smaller sub-collections within each subject area. For example, within our Law eCollection there are sub-collections for Commercial Law, International Law, Legal Theory etc.

We also offer 'Pick and Mix' options, e-BestSeller packages and more. Take a look at all our purchase options or send us an email for more information.

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